Companies was <a href=""> kolla den här länken här och nu</a> in fact next called because of the (RM) using telephone since a primary action followed closely by a face to face appointment

To make certain that our take to provided a variety of providers, they certainly were recognized by neighborhood search secretary (OS) with the aid of brand new town as well as the regional nurse. A composed agree to possess contribution and you will consent and work out a sound tape of the discussion was indeed obtained from all service providers who wanted to take part.

Interest classification conversations

Seven FGDs, for every single comprising six–8 people of a comparable gender, had been then followed which have ladies and you may parents. Simply young women 18 years of age otherwise more mature have been integrated during these discussions, so you’re able to guarantee proper agree tips. During the time of the research in 2014, young partnered girls (18–19 years old) exactly who hitched before flipping 18 was in fact thought for ; more mature partnered girls (22–24 yrs old) exactly who partnered ahead of turning 18 was in fact thought to own hitched in advance of the latest conflict. Organizations incorporated the following (Table step 1).

There are a number of reasons why i chosen FGDs so you can gather analysis. FGDs are often necessary as the a separate means, getting look according to category norms, significance and processes . The team telecommunications can help for the promoting a rich comprehension of participants’ knowledge and you may thinking . When you compare FGDs with individual interviews: “Class talks give direct proof on the similarities and you may differences in the newest participants’ opinions and you may knowledge in place of getting like results from blog post hoc analyses regarding independent statements from for every single interviewee” . You’ll find other feedback throughout the books about your viability regarding FGDs to talk about painful and sensitive subject areas, however, one of several downsides regarding FGDs is the fact that visibility from other participants will get sacrifice confidentiality and you can dissuade certain players off revealing individual otherwise sensitive subject areas. Despite this limit, i selected FGDs to gather investigation because they bring an excellent system to own approaching social norms and you can changes impacting whole communities, such as the perception of the conflict and you may pressed migration.

Once offering their concur, users in the FGDs had been asked about a good amount of subject areas related on the newest livelihoods and you can wedding methods before and after brand new disagreement. The length of the brand new FGDs ranged ranging from forty five min and you can 60 minute.

Teenage girls were inquired about the most recent problem and you may vision off the near future, the most recent lives, their expectations and you will standard, whenever this type of changed after the disagreement. They certainly were plus inquired about matrimony techniques, its attitudes of these and exactly how practices and you may feeling from matrimony got changed once the disagreement and you will displacement. Teenage girls was plus asked about characteristics which they you desire most.

Moms and dads out of teenage girls was asked about demands that they and you will their daughters face during the displacement, wedding techniques, situations you to definitely remind girls so you can wed ahead of flipping 18, as well as the negative and positive aspects of child relationships.

FGDs with participants way of life within the settlements happened at the good well-known meeting-place, one to big tent, inside the settlement. FGDs having professionals way of living away from settlements taken place during the Mayor’s lay and at a region health centre. Members got easy access to one another places. Every woman i contacted provided to take part there was zero dropouts. It was tough to hire dads out of 18–19 year-old feminine as numerous have been unwilling for the fool around with away from a recording-recorder very these interview was basically hand written there was no dropouts.

Secret informant interview (KIIs)

  • Four regional and you can internationally NGOs in the area of child coverage
  • A few government authorities in the Al Marj neighborhood
  • You to definitely camp chief (Shawish)
  • One or two religious officials: a beneficial Syrian male religious chief during the one of many camps, and you can a beneficial Syrian female religious coach to own Syrian refugee women